If you would like  to book a booth or have any questions, please contact the coordinator Cathrine Hedegaard by mail

Fair booths

Booth sizes:


UCL Niels Bohrs Allé      4 m2    200 x 200 cm

UCL  Seebladsgade          4 m2    200 x 200 cm


Content in the booth:

If desired, there will be one table and two chairs in the booth.

If needed, access to power.

Location of booths:

Location of the booth will be decided by the fair coordinator as it is not possible to meet all participants wishes for specific location.

Advice for communicating with the students:

It is very important to make a strategy for the way you present yourself to the students and the actions you make, to attract and catch the students attention and interest. Be open, say hi to pull the students into your booth. Create a dialogue, do not hold a lecture. Contact the coordinator for advice and guidance about setup, presentation etc., if needed.



There is open wifi at all educational institutions.

At UCL you need a yellow card to log on to the wifi.


The participants are responsible for reporting to KODA, if music is played in the booth at the fair.

Coordinator and volunteers

At all times, you can find a volunteer or the coordinator, to ask for help.
They will be able to answer any questions or help with practical tasks.

The fair team will be wearing a Studenthouse Odense shirt and a name tag.

Backstage and Catering


There is a backstage available during the fair for extra materials, bags, clothes etc. There will be a guard in the room during the fair.


Lunch will be served and it is expected that the participant organize internally how to attend lunch – but at no time must there be an empty booth.

Arrival and setup

UCL Niels Bohrs Allé:

UCL Seebladsgade:

9 AM to 9:45 AM

8:30 AM to 9:15 AM